Cedar Leaf and Vanilla Bean Travel Tin

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This inviting fragrance by Hutwoods will harness your inner focus. The combination of cedar leaf and vanilla bean is complemented with the zesty notes of orange, peppermint and musk. Be present in the moment and let your instincts lead the way.

Made from 100% natural soy wax with eco-friendly wood wicks, these make a relaxing, soft crackling sound when they burn, reminiscent of a log fire, as well as offering a longer and cleaner burn.

Lightweight and durable, the travel tins offer a burn time of 25+ hours.

Experience a candle where you can evoke the senses of sight, smell and sound.  

  • Materials: 100% natural soy wax
  • Scent: Cedar Leaf and Vanilla Bean
  • Burn time of 25+ hours
  • 120g