Smelly Balls Sunglo

Coastal Drift
Tobacco and Vanilla
Coconut and Lime

Four unscented felt balls with branded charm and elastic string for easy hanging.

Comes with 5mL Fragrance Oil of your choice, instructions and bonus postcard, together in a little ‘keep pouch’ which can be used to store your little treasures later!

Talk about hot balls! If the Sunglo Smelly Balls don’t make you want to sip on a cocktail while watching the sun go down, we don’t know what will!

These Sunglo balls are inspired by driving at sundown. The Burnt Orange, Tinted Cream, Mustard Yellow and Rustic Green balls represent a sunset glow and the Aussie bush. The golden glow of the setting sun on the horizon can incite a feeling of gratitude and joy. It’s a time for reflection and appreciation of all that’s happening in your life. Take it all in with the Sunglo Smelly Balls.