Gift Set Pillars - Sandstone


A gift set of three sandstone textured pillar candles in various heights. Great for home styling, celebration or quiet reflection. 

Soft and nurturing in the still moments, illuminating and celebratory for those special highs; candles are the perfect accompaniment.

This trio of unscented, rustic pillar candles has been hand-poured at low temperature to create a unique, natural texture. Due to the nature of the cold-pour process, no two candles are the same.

Gift box contains 3 Sandstone Textured Pillar Candles:

• 1 x Small (7 x 7 cm)
• 1 x Medium (7 x 14 cm)
• 1 x Large (7 x 21 cm)

These textured pillar candles have been designed not to drip or smoke as long as they are kept away from draughts and not burned too closely together. Poured from the finest wax and finished with a 100% natural, cotton wick.